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Huddle transforms the way you work. Welcome to next-generation content collaboration for government and enterprise; the easiest, most secure way to collaborate on content in the cloud. Store, share, and work on files with anyone inside and outside your organization—from your desktop, iPad, or smartphone. Huddle is the #1 SharePoint alternative.


Huddle solves 5 fundamental problems.

Security is being compromised

Content is slipping right out the front door—undetected. The SEIL study reveals that 91% of the workforce is transferring company files to unsecure personal devices.

Huddle comes with all the security features you expect. And unlike other collaboration tools, we provide a closed-security model to prevent accidental disclosure of content. We are pan-government accredited, ISO 27001 certified, and FISMA compliant. 

Content is overwhelming the workforce

According to the SEIL study more than half of employees feel swamped by the amount of content they have to deal with every day. Almost a third waste valuable time searching for electronic documents.

Huddle’s patent-pending intelligent recommendation technology is the end of “search” as we know it, delivering the content you need before you’ve even had a chance to think about it—on any device.

Legacy software is failing to cope

SharePoint, FTP, and email are killing the content collaboration process.

Huddle is easy to use and clears the path for seamless collaboration—internally and beyond the firewall. With a single click, you can move content collaboration out of Outlook and into Huddle, where it’s centralized, secure, and audited. Deploy Huddle on top of, alongside, or instead of SharePoint.

It’s too difficult to work together

With all of the frustrating barriers in place, it’s become exponentially harder to work with each other, in the way we want to work. Firewalls are a barrier. VPN access is a barrier. Lack of mobility is a barrier. Technical configuration is a barrier.

Huddle strips away all the barriers with a powerful, intuitive cloud service that works the way you do.

Failed deployments must stop

Complexity and low adoption are the hallmarks of old-world ways of introducing new technologies into organizations.


Huddle’s unique approach and ease of use guarantees success and adoption. With a small, initial deployment, Huddle Success Managers engage your business users to map out your entire journey and guide your success. We are so confident in this approach, we offer a 90-day adoption guarantee or your money back. 


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