Infoserve Content Management System


Manage your website more effectively.


 Infoserve Content Management System
Manage your website more effectively with the InfoServe content management system (CMS). The InfoServe CMS empowers your Web content managers to quickly and easily update your site, while providing enriched site management tools to site developers and designers. And a frequently-updated site is visited more often, making it more valuable to your organization.

The InfoServe CMS is highly flexible and can support Web sites of all types, including intranets, extranets, and ecommerce sites, and all types of organizations including corporations, schools, colleges, and government agencies.  And as an advanced .Net CMS, InfoServe is extensible and can be integrated with your existing databases to provide real-time access to important information.

With the InfoServe content management system, you can:
  • Update your website from any computer, at any time – all you need is an Internet connection and a Web browser
  • Delegate responsibility for maintaining your site with distributed authorship — all changes no longer need to go through your IT department, or a single site manager
  • Create or import an unlimited number of users and assign them to an unlimited number of user groups
  • Password-protect areas of your site – customize what each user can see
  • Create an unlimited number of pages, without knowing HTML, and automatically update the site’s navigation when pages are added or removed
  • Implement portals to provide individual users with personalized, real-time information
  • Set up an online store with secure ecommerce to sell your products directly online
  • Send e-mail broadcasts to your users
  • Create online calendars and event registration
  • Create online forms to collect information from your visitors
  • Customize your website with your own unique design
With the real-time capabilities of InfoServe, many organizations save tens of thousands of dollars annually from their traditional communication budgets, making the implementation of the InfoServe CMS a cash-positive project.


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