INSIDeR Issuer Edition


Compliance Risk Management


INSIDeR Issuer Edition

Adherence to the rules regarding the control and handling of price sensitive information as well as fair trading by employees and corporate insiders is at the very heart of good corporate governance, investor confidence, and equal treatment of shareholders.
INSIDeR Issuer Edition is by far the most advanced tool of its kind to support companies of every size and type, regardless of applicable EU jurisdiction, in this crucial field of compliance.


INSIDeR Issuer is a web-based, special-purpose compliance risk management application for maintaining compliance records and applying various anti-market abuse compliance procedures, checks and controls provided by applicable legislation or Internal Insider Policy.
It is designed to put your company, compliance professionals, management and employees firmly in control of every aspect of compliance in this important area and minimize the risks of insider incidents. And it does so in a way which provides dramatic savings of time and money through a simplification of routines, increased quality of compliance and reduced risks of regulatory fines.


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