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InsideView CRM Intelligence™ puts essential information into your CRM system.



You can’t survive on sales and marketing automation alone. CRM Intelligence™
gives you an essential edge. InsideView delivered the first true sales intelligence application, harnessing the tsunami of today’s information to create actionable, easily accessible intelligence. The result? Sellers can connect more quickly with potential buyers over relevant matters. Buyers have their needs met more efficiently. That’s InsideView.


InsideView was founded by pioneers of the SaaS, CRM and Content industries to take advantage of the convergence of social media and enterprise applications. Since 2005, we have delivered to sales organizations intelligence gained from social media and traditional editorial sources. The purpose? To increase sales productivity and sales velocity.


Not only the first on the scene with sales intelligence, InsideView continues to lead the pack with the most complete, relevant, timely and convenient sales intelligence available. And the only one to take full advantage of social sales intelligence.
We continuously aggregate and analyze data from more than 30,000 trusted content sources – more sources than any competitor, by far – to deliver…


  • More complete contact and company profiles, and the highest concentration of decision-makers.
  • The most current contact data available, more business-critical alerts, and more conversation-starting intelligence.
  • The most intuitive and convenient sales intelligence application, delivering alerts online, to your email, or your mobile device.
  • Integration inside more CRM applications. We are the most popular sales intelligence solution.


Conversations occurring within social media have become more influential in the buying decision, as today’s customer turns increasingly away from traditional marketing messages to people they know and peer networks to educate themselves, discuss news, evaluate vendors and make buying decisions. Social selling is about participating in their networks and conversations to be a useful resource for prospective buyers.


Leading the way in both these areas, InsideView continuously scans and distills information from more social media sources than any competitor, delivering Social CRM like no other. And this year, we founded the first-of-its-kind Social Selling University to help sales organizations learn how to effectively engage in social sales.


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