Internet Security and Compliance Services by MXSweep

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Your trusted source for cloud based internet security and data compliance service


Internet Security and Compliance Services by MXSweep

Founded in 2006, MXSweep is a cloud security vendor, providing internet security & compliance services to thousands of SMB, corporate and public sector customers globally.


These services include:


  • Email Security
  • Web Security
  • Email Archiving
  • Encryption


We operate through an online partner distribution model, with hundreds of reseller, hoster and telco partners globally. Our unique commercial offering, alongside our channel model has proved extremely popular, because not only do we provide a range of key benefits to our partners, but we also focus on building close, long-term relationships that are simply not available through other vendors.


MXSweep provides partners with a quick and easy entry into the fastest growing cloud services markets. We offer significant value-add options to partners who might already be selling mainstream cloud services, such as Office 365 – such as compatible internet security and compliance service bundles.


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