Semantic Targeting



iSense provides you with a unique ad network that allows you to ensure that your campaigns are always placed in a context relevant to your target group. You decide in advance which topics are relevant to your campaign. The iSense team will help you make the right choice based on experience gained in numerous campaigns across a broad range of industries. This guarantees that your ads are only delivered in selected contexts on Web page level, preventing lost ad impressions due to irrelevant placing.


The Sense Engine™ performs a reliable semantic analysis of the contents of each Web page.


Key benefits of iSense


  • Smart ad placement in previously defined contexts
  • No waste coverage and high ROI thanks to placement on Web page level
  • Create individual topic channels from more than 3,500 topic categories
  • Premium coverage in a multi-marketer network
  • Effective optimization and detailed reporting options thanks to fine-grained category structure
  • Reliable brand protection by avoiding placement near compromising content


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