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The world's #1 social business provider.



Jive is the largest and fastest growing independent vendor in the Social Business Software market. Jive allows companies to engage employees, customers, and the social web. Just as social technologies have changed our personal lives, Social Business is changing how enterprises get work done.


Think social networking for the enterprise. We’re the world’s #1 social business provider. Our products apply powerful technology that helps employees, customers and partners connect, communicate and collaborate to get more work done and solve their biggest business challenges. Jive is the proven social provider, helping many of the world’s most successful companies achieve breakthrough results, slash operating costs and drive $billions in revenue.

What does Jive provide, specifically?


The most complete, advanced social business platform on the planet. Inside companies, the Jive platform powers viral enterprise social networks where employees connect and collaborate. Externally, it supports vibrant customer communities that dramatically improve service, support, marketing and sales. It offers the richest set of social features, plus some next-generation capabilities that are nothing short of stunning. Yet it’s really easy to use and ready to run, right out of the cloud.


To make things even simpler we’ve created comprehensive, out-of-the-box solutions that leverage the Jive platform to solve key business problems.


  • Jive for Teams: achieve stellar teamwork with groups of any size.
  • Social Intranet: energize corporate communication and enterprise collaboration.
  • Social Customer Service: slash service costs while raising customer satisfaction.
  • Social Marketing & Sales: drive brand awareness and loyalty, sales leads and win rates.


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Rating: 3.0/5 (1 vote cast)