JumpBox for Zenoss IT Management


Enable network administrators to manage the configuration, health, and performance of networks, servers and network applications


JumpBox for Zenoss IT Management

Zenoss enables network administrators to manage the configuration, health, and performance of networks, servers and network applications. Monitor your network availability, inventory, configuration, performance, and more with the Jumpbox for Zenoss.

Infoworld magazine named Zenoss as the best open source network monitoring solution of 2008. Deploy the JumpBox for Zenoss and you’ll see why in minutes. Zenoss’ powerful Configuration Management Database (CMDB) allows you to monitor almost any network device and displays this information to you intelligently so that you can take action. While some network monitoring products feel like a patch quilt of software, Zenoss is a tightly integrated toolset with an open source design that gives you flexibility. As your organization grows you can integrate new capabilities so Zenoss grows with it. Protect the backbone of your organization; monitor network devices, availability of services, host resources, and more with the JumpBox for Zenoss.

Why a JumpBox?

Zenoss requires dependencies like Zope, Python, NetSNMP, RRDtool, and MySQL to work effectively. You could spend days, even weeks configuring your hardware to support it, will network issues wait? Save valuable time. The JumpBox for Zenoss includes every dependency Zenoss needs packaged within a virtual appliance you can deploy in minutes.

Zenoss – Features and benefits:

Performance Monitoring – Monitor the health of your network with Zenoss’ high-speed collection, analysis, and graphing capability.

Event Monitoring and Management – Maintain the availability and performance of your network. Receive log and event information from sources like syslog and SNMP trap sources, and Windows Event log.

Web-based Dashboard – Zenoss’ web-based dashboard is end user customizable, provide users views based on geographies, systems, or even business applications.

Alerting and Reporting – Give IT staff and stakeholders visibility into Availability and Performance Monitoring, Change and Configuration Management, and Event Management information.

Automatic Remidiation – When problems occur, Zenoss can take corrective actions based on your rules and policies.

Network Visualization – Keep an eagle eye on your network, Zenoss incudes dependency mapping, Layer 3 topology visualization, and Google Maps mash-up.

Integration API’s – As your network grows, so can Zenoss. Easily integrate other monitoring applications using XML, Python scripting, and Web API’s like REST.

Community Reports Library – Let IT stakeholders update themselves, Zenoss allows users to generate real time or historical reports on devices, events, performance, users, and more.

Community Monitors Library – Configure your monitoring rules quickly. Zenoss’ packaging and encapsulation framework for rules and customizations allows you to share and reuse configurations of your peers.



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