Kaseya Desktop Policy Managment


The Automated, Centrally Managed, Desktop Solution


Kaseya Desktop Policy Managment

Kaseya helps IT professionals keep control with Desktop Policy Management. Keeping users productive means providing them with a recognizable and consistent environment. Equally you need to enforce corporate standards to ensure supportability and security for your business. Kaseya’s Desktop Policy Management gives IT Administrators the ability to automate the enforcement of desktop policy settings. Rolling out new desktop policy items across highly complex and distributed environments, such as large enterprises, roaming, home workers or IT Service Providers managing multiple customers – can become an Automated, centrally managed process.

Going ‘Green’ is also becoming a high priority for many businesses today. KDPM allows you to enforce power settings across all machines, check compliance and report on cost (and therefore energy) savings. Join the many companies globally who are making use of Kaseya today to implement and prove compliance to their companies Green IT policy.


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