Right Content, Right Time, Right in Salesforce.com and Mobile Devices.



Sales teams sell more when they use effective presentations, datasheets, and case studies. KnowledgeTree makes sales enablement easy by surfacing the best content for any sales process — instantly in Salesforce.com and on your Apple iPad and iPhone.


Enable Sales to Close Faster


Stop searching for content to send to prospects. KnowledgeTree surfaces the right collateral for any sales engagement within Salesforce.com and on your mobile device. Now you’re sending customers your best message.


Retain and Expand


Keep customers delighted. KnowledgeTree suggests relevant content for your customer’s industry, stage, and product in Salesforce.com and on your mobile device. That makes customer retention, customer expansion.


Align Sales and Marketing


Always get the right collateral into your sales teams’ hands. Track which collateral resonates and match customer needs with your best content. Now the whole company sends the right message.


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