Cloud based lead management and customer relation management (CRM) system



LeadMaster delivers tangible benefits to sales, marketing and call center teams through its web-based LeadMaster solutions. The company’s online application closes the loop between marketing and sales by tracking leads in real time throughout the sales cycle, from demand generation to lead closure. Combining sales force automation, marketing automation and virtual call center capabilities, this powerful web-based CRM application helps companies pinpoint where leads are quickly converting into revenue in order to increase close ratios and maximize return on investment on marketing campaigns.


The Lead Management, CRM and SFA Solution

LeadMaster is an affordable web-based lead management system that provides sales and marketing solutions which enable companies to close the loop between marketing and sales and provide top-notch Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

It takes data directly from landing pages into the lead management system and sends you an alert to let you know, ‘You’ve Got Leads!’ LeadMaster provides web-based lead and campaign management as well as powerful tools for data mining, sales forecasting and ROI measurement.

Users can pass sales leads and other key marketing information via the web in real time to all members of the sales and marketing team, including predefined channel partners, sales representatives and field sales management. Working with LeadMaster through our SaaS (Software as a Service) model, you can have your sales and marketing team up and running with a web-based solution tomorrow.


LeadMaster Capabilities

Lead Management – Lead Capture – Lead Qualification – Lead Scoring – Lead Distribution – Lead Tracking – Lead Nurturing – Lead Aging


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