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Marketing Automation Software



Getting leads is one of the hardest parts of the sales cycle.

Allow your sales staff to take advantage of the knowledge about your website visitors:
Instead of addressing all of your potential customers, by emails or telephone calls (Cold Calling), using LEADSExplorer you can limit your efforts for Lead Generation by addressing only those companies, who have visited your website.


  • More efficient Cold Calling with less stress, due to lower rejection fear.
  • High probability of successful Cold Calls.


Currently your website generates leads by the contact form, newsletter or download registration.
Which is great, but only a minority of visitors ever registers for downloads or info.
Many more people visit your site, without you knowing anything about them.

Money has been spent to attract visitors to your website, but most visitors pass without leaving any trail or indication for you to work on. You got to analyze their actions, identify them!


  • Grab the trails they leave by visiting your website.
  • Find out impact of e-mail campaigns.
  • Find out about reaction of cold calls.


Get sales to act, when Companies visit your website. Once the Companies are registered in the lead follow-up, their visits are automatically logged in the lead follow-up.


This solution is not solely for Lead Generation and Lead Acquisition, but has also its purposes with Lead Distribution amongst the Sales team. By knowing the interests of the visiting companies Lead Nurturing becomes feasible. Lead Qualification and Lead Scoring can be based upon the visiting data and statistics by company, allowing better estimating the Funnel. This information also enables more efficient Lead Management.



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