Write your plan with the #1 business planning company.



Write your plan with the #1 business planning company.


Easy, error-free financials guaranteed.
LivePlan makes it easy to put together your financial projections. Your knowledge about your business combined with LivePlan’s powerful forecasting tools will create a bulletproof business plan.
Built-in formulas make the financials simple
Write your whole plan without ever having to look at a spreadsheet. LivePlan simply asks you questions about your business and you plug in the answers. The calculations are done behind the scenes. Our team has a combined 50 years of experience creating business plans and business planning software, so you can trust LivePlan to do the math for you.


Illustrate your financials with automatic charts
Visuals make your plan easier to digest. So LivePlan creates your charts based on the financial information you’ve already input. LivePlan’s automatic charts will make your plan look great and save you a ton of time.


Full financials for a complete business plan
LivePlan includes all the financial tables a lender or investor expects to see, all linked together for you. You input your data, and it’s pulled into the right table automatically. You’ll create an error-free plan in less time than you thought possible.


Include just the information you need
You have complete control over your plan. Maybe you only need to forecast sales and expenses and don’t want to worry about cash flow right now. Or maybe you want multiple years’ worth of monthly data. No problem. With a few simple settings, you can easily choose the level of detail to include in your plan. And you can always go back and change it to adjust your plan for any audience.


Create a long-term plan
A typical business plan looks three years into the future, but if you need a longer-range plan it’s simple to create one. LivePlan lets you include five full years of monthly projections, which you can include in your appendix, so you can show investors or lenders exactly how your business will grow.


Build your plan for your national market
No matter what country you live in, you can use LivePlan to write your business plan. You can set your income tax rates (GST, VAT, Sales tax) to your national rate. You can also set the currency to reflect your national currency. And don’t worry, you can update your tax rates and currency at any time during your plan if required.


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