LivingTalent is a truly innovative, web based Recruitment platform.

On top of the standard ATS features, it provides 4 major advances compared to existing offerings:

Firstly our Instant Matching Technology whereby Recruiters define the profile of the ideal candidate and
LivingTalent will instantly match candidates when they apply online to this ideal profile in the same way a dating system would do.

Secondly LivingTalent Recommends the best Job Boards for your position.
This helps recruiters maximizes their return on each job ad.

Thirdly LivingTalent Integrates Assessments right into the Online Application process.
So Recruiters are sure to interview only pre-qualified candidates.

Finally we provide a unique feature called the Candidate Compass.
Which allows recruiters to graphically compare candidates against their ideal profile and against each other.


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