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Why is Luxor CRM right for your business?


Luxor CRM is the online CRM tool for your business. With the most user-friendly interface and
top of the line functionality, Luxor CRM is ideal for any B2B, B2C or mixed-mode organization.
Whether you want to streamline your sales cycle, improve your marketing efforts or strengthen
your customer relationships, Luxor CRM is the right CRM solution for you.


Founded in September 2000 by innovator and entrepreneur Lukas Szczurowski, Luxor CRM was created with the vision of making a CRM solution that was different. Ten years later, Luxor CRM has grown to become one of Canada’s largest web-based CRM vendors. Though headquartered in the heart of Toronto, Luxor CRM has a client base across North America and abroad. Luxor CRM is devoted to providing premier customer service and a solution proven to succeed and thus has acquired the reputation of being a trusted and reliable CRM vendor.


Our mission is simple: to make our CRM solution the tool for your company’s success.


By applying the latest Internet technologies and best practices knowledge, we’ve developed a complete CRM solution that streamlines processes, increases productivity and makes your business a lot easier. We strived to set Luxor CRM apart from our competitors, who were seeing their costly implementations fail at an alarming rate. By developing a CRM solution that can be tailored to the way you do business, we’re enabling you to experience greater flexibility, enhanced organizational performance and the ability to achieve new levels of success. Our intuitive CRM system accompanied by our effective hand-holding approach makes Luxor CRM the easiest and most successful CRM solution. But don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself!


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