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Magnfiy360’s Web Performance Services focuses on helping our clients marketing and creative team’s to apply Agile Methodology to their web businesses.


Our Web Performance team becomes a seamless extension to client’s marketing teams. As companies are currently strained by lack of resources and personnel, magnify360 assigns a dedicated Account Manager who strategizes to get the best results for their online marketing goals. They are the people that help you to drive projects from inception to execution.


Online commerce requires online marketing, a process where technology teams and creative marketing teams work together to improve online experiences that drive sales, satisfaction and loyalty.  Magnify360 delivers a battle tested, end-to-end technology platform to enable agile online marketing: adaptive, iterative, flexible, rapid and partially automated.


Seasoned online marketers know that standard online marketing processes are not adaptive and flexible, they are rigid and inefficient and therefore very expensive.   The creative team is slowed down by the technology team’s delivery schedule and workload.  The technology team uses testing methods and analytics data which extrapolate future results based on past results.   The standard process is too slow, requires too many people, does not factor in the volatility of internet traffic patterns and takes too much time and effort to course, correct and adapt.


Magnify360’s technology platform relies on an innovative architecture designed with two essential empirical facts in mind:

  • To grow online sales, the marketing team must create designs that boost web page performance: the statistical likelihood that each visitor will go to the next required page from the prior one to complete the target behavior or transaction.
  • Internet traffic is intrinsically dynamic, not static.  Therefore, page performance of any one “design” will be dynamic, not static.   Thus, many design variations of key web pages are needed simultaneously to grow online sales.   Any one design variations can outperform the others during a short period based on many factors.  One designs variation of a key web page will not suffice.


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