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ManageIQ's Enterprise Virtualization Management Suite

The EVM Suite enables organizations to deploy, manage and optimize private, public and hybrid clouds, virtualized infrastructures and virtual desktops. Built on ManageIQ’s patent-pending Adaptive Management Platform™, EVM delivers unified monitoring, management and automation through a single pane of glass across enterprise clouds and globally distributed datacenters. The EVM Suite™ helps enterprises to quickly get insight and visibility, establish controls and enforce policies, automate and delegate management activities, and achieve strategic integration with closed-loop automation for IT processes across their enterprise clouds.


The EVM Suite™ composed of four tightly integrated components, EVM Insight™EVM Control™EVM Automate™, and EVM Integrate™.


Insight provides comprehensive, real-time visibility into virtual infrastructures, virtual desktop, and private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Automated discovery, continuous tracking, and real-time monitoring combined with automatic, policy-based classification enable role-driven visibility. Comprehensive visibility includes real-time, configuration, capacity, and utilization information correlated with event and performance data. EVM Insight maintains current and historical information including change tracking, baselining, configuration drift, and relationship mapping.


EVM Control™ provides real-time, policy-based management and control that can be applied at key operation, configuration, change, and VM lifecycle points as well as triggered by events and administrative/operational activities. Policies can ensure the enforcement of IT, configuration, resource, security and operational standards to improve reliability, increase availability, and reduce risk.


EVM Automate™ provides adaptive, just-in-time model-based automation of administrative and operational activities. EVM Automate provides role-based, delegated administration, distributed operations, and self-service provisioning through an extensible web-based management portal. It also enables rich, context-aware automation and IT service, process, and task integration.


EVM Integrate™ provides a rich set of integration capabilities across a wide range of management systems, platforms, and interfaces. These capabilities include Enterprise Directories, Service-Catalogs, Incident Management Systems, Configuration Management Databases (CMDB) , Event Consoles, IP Address Management(IPAM) systems, and Storage Management. Vendor and product specific integrations are available as well as a rich set of EVM web-services, and interfaces to LDAP, SNMP, SMTP, SMI-S, SQL, Ruby, Perl, Powershell and WMI.


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