Manitoo Project Management – Adios


Project Management and Team Collaboration Software


Manitoo Project Management - Adios

Manitoo is a powerful and yet easy-to-use project management tool with team collaboration support and billing.


Features include


  • Time tracking-Track the time your team works. Everybody can submit his worked hours. Charge your customers based on effort needed. Or by fixed price for each task.
  • Project and task management-Manage your projects and tasks, see what you or your employees should work on and if they work
  • Deadlines and billable milestones-Set up deadlines and milestones for you or your employees and track work progress. Charge your customers based on achieved milestones.
  • Task based profit/loss reports-Track your expenses to the every cent and let Manitoo calculate which task was a profit for you and which not.
  • Monthly salaries-Let Manitoo calculate how much you should pay your employees if you pay them for worked hours.
  • Subcontractors bids-Manage bids from your subcontractors for each task separately. Manitoo will calculate your profit or loss on the tasks.


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