McAfee Database Activity Monitoring


Cost-effective database protection to meet your compliance requirements


McAfee Database Activity Monitoring

McAfee Database Activity Monitoring automatically finds databases on your network, protects them with a set of preconfigured defenses, and helps you build a custom security policy for your environment — making it easier to demonstrate compliance to auditors and improve critical asset data protection. Database Activity Monitoring cost-effectively protects your data from all threats by monitoring activity locally on each database server and by alerting or terminating malicious behavior in real time, even when running in virtualized or cloud computing environments.


Comprehensive threat protection — Protect even your unpatched databases against zero-day attacks by blocking attacks that exploit known vulnerabilities and terminating sessions that violate your security policies.

Detailed audit trail reports — Audit trail reports are available to meet SOX, PCI, and other compliance audit requirements. During post-incident forensic analysis, this audit trail can help you understand the amount of lost data and gain greater insight into malicious activity.

Streamlined patching with no required downtime — Applying missing patches and fixing misconfigurations found by the Database Activity Monitoring vulnerability scan will improve the security posture of your databases immediately — without requiring any downtime via McAfee’s virtual patching technology.


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