Media Dashboard


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Media Dashboard

PlaceLinks Media Dashboard™ (MD) is a reporting solution that lets you offer your customers and employees state-of-the-art media reports without building and maintaining the software yourself.   By aggregating all important data in one place — tracked calls, ROI calculations, web site leads, impressions, clicks, and your own company data — MD gives you real-time reporting resources as good as the best.

Placelink’s Media Dashboard builds customer Ad Management Platforms every day, for advertisers, publishers and agencies.  We have the experience to deal with the constant change in this fast-moving industry. MD is a scorecard solution that is designed to help publishers and advertisers understand the metrics that surround their ad campaigns. You can now prove the results you get across all your media.   As your media technology partner, we understand your needs. PlaceLinks’ Media Dashboard is secure, password-protected, and is customized to your specifications.


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