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Intelligent Message Archiving


Message Logic

Message Logic is a Business Unit of Data Storage Corporation, a leader in data backup and recovery services. The Company has customers located worldwide and include, financial services firms, health care organizations, K-12 schools, local government, life sciences, transportation, and manufacturing companies, and many hedge funds.


All of our customers have digital message archiving requirements driven by corporate compliance issues and regulations that affect their businesses.  We work hard to make it simple, and cost effective to meet their requirements and deliver the results needed to stay in compliance.


In addition to advanced email archiving and monitoring of email, IM and Bloomberg messages, Message Logic intelligently processes the content of electronic communications based on our Analytic technology which looks at every message, including the body text, headers, hidden text, and any attachment text using three techniques to categorize the message; sophisticated proprietary language models, power search with word lists and pattern matching.


Message Logic offers three powerful solutions with two industry leaders:


  • MLArchiver – Powerful Dell based hardware appliance solution for any size business. Self contained regulatory compliant appliance.
  • MLArchiverVM – Exclusive VMwareReady Software ready for any virtual environment.  
  • MLArchiverrVM – SaaS program for service providers to deliver email archiving to their clients.


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