The most complete store locator software package available.



Simply, the most complete store locator software package available. MetaLocator allows for the feature-rich search, display and management of a list of persons, places or things on your Web site in a highly configurable and simple manner. This finder software can be used as a dealer locator, store locator, atm locator, store finder, vendor list, agent directory or any other type of location directory.

The locations can be displayed in hundreds of ways.  Check out our Demo Section to see the various views available.  All views can be searched for locations within a configurable distance of a provided postal code, city, state or any other geo-spatial reference point understood by Google.


MetaLocator.com is different!


  • Lightweight: No large postal code databases to maintain
  • Portable:  We integrate with all types of web sites, not just PHP
  • Simple to install:  No software or complicated prerequisites, one line to copy & paste is all you need
  • Highly configurable:  Use the practical defaults or choose from hundreds of options
  • Seamless integration: The locator appears as a seamless aspect of your Web site, no branding or ads
  • No Contract: Pay month-to-month as needed
  • High Performance:  Our grid server extensibility and database isolation can grow to the highest demand
  • Global Reach:  MetaLocator works everywhere, in any language.

How it works:


You provide the locations and we do the rest.  Each location is automatically geocoded (assigned a latitude and longitude) using the address data provided.  You can extend each location with rich descriptions, including links, embedded video, social media or any HTML needed.


Once you are satisfied with the features and options, you deploy to your Web site by copying and pasting a single line of Javascript code.  It doesn’t matter where your Web site is hosted, or what software you’re running, MetaLocator works with all Web sites.  You only need to do that once, manage your locations and settings completely from the MetaLocator.com Control Panel thereafter.

Our locator software has been refined over thousands of implementations in over 100 countries around the globe.  With each implementation we listen to our customer’s needs and enhance our software.  This practice has made MetaLocator the most feature rich locator package available on the Web.  A sample of our features include:

Features include:


  • Categorize your locations for searching and sorting
  • Includes a complete mobile app, that can put your logo on your customer’s iPhone home screen!
  • Add custom fields to fit your data needs
  • Add rich media including video, logos and pictures to each location
  • Complete social media integration to share your locations
  • Bulk import of location information via CSV/Excel files
  • Complete look and feel control via our user-configurable templates or deep-dive with total control via CSS
  • International support for all locations supported by Google
  • Bulk or on-off Geocoding (assignment of a latitude and longitude) of address data
  • Optionally display turn-by-turn directions to each location on demand.
  • Allow your web site users to submit locations
  • Search by Postal Code, City, State, Country, Tag, Keyword and more
  • Create individual maps & directories that contain only certain types of locations


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