A professional but affordable tool for UML modeling and engineering.



Metamill is a UML(tm) modeling software targeted for software engineering teams and individuals designing software intensive systems using UML as a modeling language.

Free evaluation version is available, i.e. you can try it before purchasing it. With Metamill you can capture business requirements using use case diagrams, design software architecture using package diagrams and design components using class diagrams, object diagrams, composite structure diagrams and component diagrams. For dynamic modeling you can use sequence diagrams, statemachine, communication, activity and timing diagrams. UML 2.3 is supported since Metamill version 6.0.


Metamill is a round-trip engineering tool. You can forward engineer models by generating C++, Java, C#, C and VB.Net code using code markers to preserve your changes. You can reverse engineer existing code in all above mentioned languages.
Metamodel system is based on UML 2.3 standard. Model files are XML files, based on XMI 2.1 standard.

Metamill was developed for need of low-cost, professional and fast UML modeling tool. The driving idea is to make it support creative visual modeling, put in it only necessary features and then make them as good as possible.

Metamill is suitable for software engineering teams as well as individual designers who need a professional but affordable tool for UML modeling and engineering.


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