Mezeo SaaS Cloud Storage Solution


The Storage Services Layer for Cloud Scale Applications


Mezeo SaaS Cloud Storage Solution

Cloud storage enabled by Mezeo offers significant flexibility and scalability. Web Services and APIs simplify the integration of applications and provide advanced capabilities, including file store and retrieval, file sharing and collaboration, hierarchical and tag-based organizational structures and native multi-device client access. All of this is available from multiple access points – Web, desktop, tablets and smartphones ( Android™ and iPhone). These same capabilities can be built into future releases, making the offering more robust, feature-rich and truly web-scaled.

The Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform runs on industry standard technologies (including Linux and PostgreSQL) and leverages the existing infrastructure to minimize integration challenges. User provisioning is handled by connection to the existing provisioning system through the industry standard Service Provisioning Markup Language (SPML), eliminating the need for yet another user management interface. This flexibility allows the Mezeo SaaS Cloud Storage solution to be hosted in-house or at a Service Provider.


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