Intelligent Marketing Automation Designed for Online and Mobile Commerce



Mineful automates customer retention for online businesses.With automated actions based on customers intelligence, we help retailers and mobile apps retain more customers and increase repeat purchases.With Mineful, data integration is easy. Currently we leverage the API of Shopify and Yahoo! and plan to add more soon. Clients also upload data using our well documented API.Once the data is in, Mineful uses per-built algorithms and user generated rules to trigger emails to shoppers and alerts to business owners. Using purchasing behavior, Mineful is far superior at the timing and content of offerings to entice customers to return to the store and increase customer lifetime value. It’s self learning methodology, improves email efficiency as it starts to collect responses to various email campaigns and adjusts automatically to send the most efficient email to each customer type.Mineful also tracks customer-centric metrics and trends them to show our clients how they improve with time. Examples include: customer lifetime revenue, retention rates, average purchase, and other RFM analyses metrics.


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