Moderro Management System


A hosted solution allowing configuration, control, and support of Moderro end-points


Moderro Management System
Moderro Management Service (MMS) is a hosted solution allowing configuration, control, and support of Moderro end-points. Unlike traditional management servers, there’s nothing to install on premises, and no software to upgrade* 

Key Features include:



MMS allows the administrator to manage the system behavior, such as desktop elements, window mode (kiosk vs. single-window vs. multiple-window), network settings, printing preferences, peripheral support, etc.

Session Management

An administrator can apply a session time limit, providing libraries, internet café’s and other public venues with mechanism to control the terminal usage. Session management includes after-session clean-up and session time counter.

Remote Control

Administrators have a need to control the behavior of the terminal on real-time basis. This means muting a station, locking out the user, sending user a message, etc.. Moderro Service supports remote control by which an administrator can issue a command to the terminal without being in the same network. Moderro Remote Control solution traverses the NAT firewalls making it possible to support the user from a different network.

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance gives users a way to ask for and receive help, and administrator to provide help, without interrupting their surroundings. The user simply presses a help button on their desktop, which initiates a desktop sharing and chat session with any of the administrators or support personnel.

Kiosk Configuration

Kiosk mode refers to a full-screen mode of operation. Under this model, the kiosk will start with a predetermined internet resource ( a special web page, flash, or movie), and let the user navigate within a “walled garden” environment.

Logging and Reporting

Moderro Xpack can be set up to log the traffic from the Xpack terminals, making it easy for the administrators to analyze the data and make access restriction decisions. This traffic data collection and be performed in private mode with the administrator seeing the aggregate data only.

Access Control

Moderro Xpack supports common users and unique users. Common users can be set up with “common” profiles, such as “kids, teens, adults”, or by interest: “engineering, management, science”. Unique users are used when more tight control over access restrictions is needed or to store user data. Moderro Management Service can be integrated with existing LDAP system for unique user authentication.


Policies provide an easy and flexible way of applying settings to a group of users or devices. For example, an administrator can apply a policy to use certain printer for certain section of the building, or restrict internet access on some, but not other terminals.

User Data

User data represents user preferences. If the user is allowed to save and protect their preferences from session to session (quick links, bookmarks, encrypted site logins, etc), this information will be stored in their profile on the server and automatically accessed by the device when user is logged in.

Administrator Console

Administrator console is a browser-based application that can be used by an administrator both on and off the network that they are managing. The Administrator Console can be configured to match the administrator profile.


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