Uptime Monitor Solutions



Downtimes happen. A Suspended server, website or blog can damage your image and may cause loss of profit. Do not rely on chance.


Monitorius features include:


  • Website monitoring (GET, POST)
  • TCP Socket, Ping monitoring
  • E-mail, IM and SMS alerts
  • Detailed uptime reports and stats

Sensors – Sensors are watchdogs that are keeping an eye on your server. Enter a URL or a server DNS address and Monitorius will check periodically if it’s available and the response is OK(response code, content, etc.).


Advanced Monitoring – Need advanced request monitoring?  -You can check for specific response codes, expected and unwanted substring in response text to catch errors. You can also set the response timeout to be notified when your website is too slow.


Notifications – Once sensor’s check fails for any reason, an alert is sent. Downtime notifications can be configured very flexible to meet your special needs. You can define multiple alert recipients and set custom error count before notification will be sent.


Uptime Reports – All information conserning sensor checks is stored in database and available for further analysis. You can review daily uptime charts, full check log or only error log. This information is useful to evaluate reliability of your hosting provider, stability and performance of your server of website.


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