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Your All-in-One Social Publishing Platform.


Movable Type

It’s easier than ever to publish and share information with Movable Type. Movable Type makes it simple to manage entire websites, start new blogs, and build an engaged community of readers and customers.


Why Choose the Movable Type Platform?


  • Movable Type is an all-in-one solution. Create websites, add blogs, manage content, and build a social community – all in one package.
  • Movable Type is scalable. As your site grows and becomes more successful, the platform scales to accommodate your fluctuating traffic needs.
  • Movable Type is proven. For more than eight years, Movable Type has been on the forefront of blogging innovation, and powers some of the largest and most influential websites and blogs on the web.
  • Movable Type is supported. We offer support for businesses, optional support for bloggers, and premium support for enterprise and high-traffic bloggers.


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