Multiplatform Security Knowledge Module


Protect all that matters, mitigate operational risks in real time and align Information Security with overall Business strategy.


Multiplatform Security Knowledge Module

The New Security Knowledge Module, by Tango/04,  is a ready-to-use configuration of our VISUAL Message Center solution. Specifically focused on safety issues, it exceeds the needs most organizations have, especially those in the financial sector, in order to comply with local and international regulations and with the emerging risks of high interconnectivity, Internet and technological complexity. In an agile manner, the new module monitors different and diverse technologies.

Through Event Management it collects, in a single database, different events, assigning each of them a specific category. Through Incident Management the module provides information that is invaluable to the company, as it can detect, by means of powerful correlation tools, when an event or group of them become a real security incident with a potential business risk. These incidents can be modeled by different criteria, such as Regulation or Asset Criticality.


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