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Forget about waiting for your friends to be logged on to Instant Messenger (IM) because you can directly communicate with them through MyWobile. MyWobile also allows you to directly update your Twitter status through the application itself. To consumers, myWobile is all about staying connected and being informed.


Through their mobile phones, consumers can acquire real time information on shops, happenings, communities and events around them on the move. For example, stepping into malls users is able to acquire all promotions and discounts of items of interest with ease. Consumers empowered with adequate information are able to get the most out of their shopping experience and save time.Consumers can also catch up with their friends in their social network on demand, and network with people who are willing to share their location.For retailers, the myWobile platform allows the showcasing of products to consumers nearby. Shops owners can also launch special discounts for customers in or close to their different stores. This targeted outreach feature is based on a user’s location and preferences, and it makes it more likely for users to act on any offer and visit stores that interest them.


The myWobile platform for end-users is up made of mobile clients and web portal.To get started, mobile subscriber with data plans can register on m.mywobile.com, and download/install download the application onto their smart phones. Presently, selected smart phones handsets such Nokia handsets series 60 3rd editions onwards and Windows Mobile are supported.


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