N. Gager*


The free iOS App for Salesforce's Data.com


N. Gager*

Put your Data.com contacts on the map with N. Gager* – the iOS App for Salesforce’s Data.com.

Development on N. Gager* began in May 2009, and was initially released on the App Store in November 2009, simply named ixcitable. It was re-release in February 2012 as N. Gager*!

During it’s time off the App Store, N. Gager* has gone through multiple design changes, layer and framework creations, service swaps and rebranding. It’s seen Jigsaw.com bought by Salesforce.com, the birth of Data.com and spent two days meeting, and showing off in front of, the Jigsaw and Salesforce teams at Cloudforce London 2011. Oh yeah, It happens to be FREE.


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