Nektra Advanced Computing


Software development company focused on advanced technology services and custom solutions.


Nektra Advanced Computing

Nektra provides a family of desktop application integration APIs, offers a group of operating system hooking and monitoring products and has a team of highly skilled professionals. Nektra’s engineers will use their unrivaled Windows technical expertise to successfully implement your solutions and maximize the value of your investment.


At Nektra, we strive to solve the world’s most challenging technical issues by leveraging deep systems internal insights and knowledge to create specialized software solutions.


Unrivaled Windows Technical Expertise

Our knowledge can be easily verified with our advanced interception products Deviare and SpyStudio, the content of our Blogand the more specialized Data Big Bang Blog. We have developed our interception products to improve our services’ value and increase our team’s productivity.


Emergency Responders

We understand the hurry of technology implementations and software development. Our team can integrate with yours and share the same objectives.


Customizable Solutions

We understand that many businesses have unique software requirements and that finding a suitable business software solution is not always possible. We also understand that software packages do not always provide the specific features required to meet the unique objectives of the organization or your software package. But we also know all the available options to get what you need in the easiest way possible.


Security Experts

Nektra’s founders come from the software security industry and the whole team learns about security threats and the ways they have to write code to make it secure. There are a large amount of companies that sell code lines as if they were in the supermarket. We believe that we have to be proud of the code we write.


Founded in 2003, Nektra Advanced Computing is a privately-held software development company focused on advanced technology services and custom solutions. We specialize in custom development within the areas of computer security, legacy application integration, Microsoft Windows Internals and advanced software development, with customers that span over 30 different countries and include several Fortune 500 companies. Our core strengths lie in our proven problem solving skills for, and expert technical knowledge in, diverse platforms ranging from system internals to heterogeneous system integration.


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