Net-Results Marketing Automation


Your lead management strategy and process deserves more than what most technologies can provide. Target your prospects deeper than any other marketing automation platform.


Net-Results Marketing Automation

Net-Results is n employee-owned SaaS technology company that has deployments and partnerships in six continents.  Net-Results is the leader in marketing automation software for next-generation marketers. We deliver a real-time lead management solution for organizations and provides deeper data analysis than any other solution. This allows sales and marketing teams to uncover hidden opportunities, accurately identify decision-makers, and deliver powerful, targeted, real-time responses and offers to potential customers.


Our segmenting engine is truly amazing. Website visitor behavior; CRM opportunity, contact, lead, account & custom fields; interaction with your email marketing efforts; list membership; search phrases; landing page & form interactions… It’s all available to you in limitless combination. The bottom line is that you can segment on pretty much anything you want.


And because all automation features are driven by Segments, with Net-Results you’ll be able to drive email campaign participation & branching based on anything you want. Score your leads based on anything you want. Drive reports and dashboards based on anything you want. Control CRM task creation, list management, sales alerts and more based on anything you want. Compare this with the hamstrung sets of predefined conditions our competitors offer, each task with its own separate but limited set of capabilities. This is the choice before you.


Net-Results was founded in 2003 with the goal to revolutionize lead management by creating a collaborative platform that delivers significant value to sales and marketing professionals of any sized organization. Net-Results is headquartered in Golden, Colorado.


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