NetApp® OnCommand™ Balance


Shared infrastructure performance and capacity guidance for heterogeneous hypervisor and storage environments.


 NetApp® OnCommand™ Balance

NetApp® OnCommand™ Balance provides directions to optimize the performance and capacity of your virtual and physical data center infrastructure. Use Balance (formerly Akorri BalancePoint) to:


  • Manage virtual infrastructure end-to-end from virtual and physical servers to storage disks.
  • Reduce troubleshooting time by 80%.
  • Optimize VM densities.
  • Improve server and storage utilization.
  • Manage service levels.


The agentless Balance software models and analyzes your entire infrastructure to understand how application workloads, utilization levels, and resources interact—bringing much-needed infrastructure-wide intelligence to your data center. A powerful optimization solution, Balance lets you advance virtualization, assure performance of business-critical virtualized applications, and meet storage needs.


Balance collects raw data from individual elements and applies powerful analytics that deliver intelligence for actionable information and direction beyond a dashboard. Unique performance and capacity metrics, including infrastructure response time, performance index, and disk utilization, enable IT operations teams to better communicate, collaborate, and manage service delivery.


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