Network Security by Sandvine


Protecting your Infrastructure and your Subscribers


Network Security by Sandvine

Sandvine’s Network Security product leverages the detection and enforcement capabilities of Sandvine’s versatile Policy Engine, letting communications service providers (CSPs) deploy pioneering security solutions on the same Network Policy Control platform that powers business intelligence, traffic optimization, and service creation implementations.


By deploying Network Security, any CSP can reduce operating expenses by:


  • Reducing outbound spam to prevent blacklisting
  • Preventing service outages and reducing support calls and incident response costs by protecting network services from the impact of botnets and denial-of-service (DOS) attacks
  • Achieving regulatory URL filtering compliance quickly and cost-effectively


Reduce Operating Expenses while Overcoming Challenges


Operating a network is a complex task that imposes enough challenges without the added burden posed by malicious network traffic and resource misuse. Nevertheless, a small minority of users seek to leverage the massive aggregate capabilities of the subscriber base in malicious, profit-seeking ways, forcing service providers to address and overcome these troubling operational realities:


  • Subscribers are vulnerable – every consumer device, whether it stays within the home or is carried on the go, is an attack vector or source of personal information valued by well-financed criminal entities
  • Regulators impose requirements – whether regulations are written into law or exist as voluntary codes of conduct, network operators are faced with the challenge of complying with various regulatory requirements at minimal cost
  • Service providers bear the expenses – the costs associated with malicious traffic and regulatory requirements are considerable and detract from the primary objectives of the operations team


Sandvine’s Network Policy Control architecture arms CSPs with the power to detect and mitigate malicious traffic, dramatically reducting the operational costs associated with network misuse. The same platform gives operators the versatility to rapidly and cost-effectively comply with regulatory requirements.


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