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Neustar is a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information and analysis to the Internet, telecommunications, entertainment and marketing industries throughout the world. We apply our advanced, secure technologies in location, identification and evaluation to our Customers’ data to help them promote their businesses and protect them from fraud and cybersecurity threats. Neustar has three defined business segments: Carrier Services,Enterprise Services and Information Services.


Number Portability

Neustar runs the most complex and efficient local number portability system in the world. Flawless Today. Right for Tomorrow.

Local Business Search

With Neustar Localeze, you can easily register your business and show up accurately on the majority of online platforms and mobile apps.

DDoS Protection

Stop Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks fast. Our cloud-based solution and 24/7 experts defend your website, customer service and brand.

Website Monitoring

What if you could fix website problems before you knew they existed? Now, you can. Nip issues in the bud before they start.

Communications Analytics

We analyze your data to enable you to better reach your customers, increase customer satisfaction and maximize revenue.

Online Display

Target your online advertising with verfied offline data. With Neustar AdAdvisor, get the reach and precision you need to get in front of the right prospects.


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