Nilex CloudSolution


Case handling as a cloud solution


Nilex CloudSolution

NileXpress CloudSolution is a flexible cloud-service for case handling. It is user friendly and adaptable to a variety of areas. It is not limited to just IT-departments but can also be used in any type of business to manage tasks, new employment, orders, HR issues, reporting, change management and related operations.


Only your imagination and the needs of the company set the limits for the use of our state of the art NileXpress ServiceDesk software built with latest web technology.


Initial Benefits of our tool:


  • Carefully designed to support any business activity
  • We offer you a toolkit for development, changes and improvements
  • Optimize existing resources and keep track of the important information
  • An information system helping you find the way to cost-effective solutions
  • Facilitate the work load on your overloaded support staff in need of the right tools
  • No time-consuming start-up period. Value and efficiency increase from day one
  • Satisfied and happy staff with less stress and more time for each task
  • Helps staff to focus on customer oriented service and get sufficient focus on technology
  • Increased customer focus in the case management, enhanced usability in the daily work
  • Contact with a company that look after your needs and opportunities


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