The Breakthrough in Collaborative Work Management Software.



Comindware Tracker delivers a breakthrough in collaborative work management software. The breakthrough is revealed in Comindware’s technologies. ConnectStep technology unites workflow processes coordination and task management tools in a single system. Users are able to work on different tasks within different projects, but with no need to switch from one tool to another. Work-centric collaboration features allow team members to collaborate by adding comments, participate in discussions, share files, and more.


The software is also built on ultra-flexible ElasticData™ technology. This enables you to automate and change work processes for nearly anything you want to track: document reviews & approvals, project-related tasks, meeting action items, help desk tickets, changes requests, you name it—all from a single web-based system. And with ElasticData, you can start with little formalization of workflow processes and easily modify them later on-the-fly without any redeployment needs. Just imagine having workflow process management software that’s flexible enough to adapt to your way of doing things, not the other way around.


Together, these technologies allow you to automate collaborative workflow processes, streamline issue tracking, and track tasks so you can cut direct costs and time by 30-50%—while knowing what’s going on.


As a result, users benefit from:

– Clear tasks and priorities
– Automatic generation of next-step tasks in collaborative workflow processes
– Real-time status views of whatever they want to track

Basically, with Comindware work management software automating workflow processes and generating tasks, people can focus on executing their tasks while Comindware moves things along.


The Comindware breakthrough is now available for you. You can try it on your own environment starting today.


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