Enterprise Cloud and Datacenter Virtualization



OpenNebula.org is an open-source project developing the industry standard solution for building and managing virtualized enterprise data centers and enterprise private clouds.


IaaS Cloud Computing is the next step in the evolution of the data center. Because no two data centers are the same, we do not think there’s a one-size-fits-all in the cloud, and we do not try to provide a turnkey solution that imposes requirements on data center infrastructure.


OpenNebula interoperability makes cloud an evolution by leveraging existing IT infrastructure, protecting your investments, and avoiding vendor lock-in. In contrast to other open-source management tools that only provide a special-purpose implementation of popular cloud interfaces on pre-defined environments, OpenNebula aims to provide a open, flexible, extensible, and comprehensive management layer to automate and orchestrate the operation of virtualized data centers by leveraging and integrating existing deployed solutions for networking, storage, virtualization, monitoring or user management.


The OpenNebula.org project pursues the following objectives in order to lead innovation in enterprise-class cloud data center management:


  • Develop the most-advanced, highly-scalable and adaptable solution for building and managing virtualized data centers and IaaS clouds
  • Provide cloud builders and integrators with a modular system that can implement a variety of cloud architectures and can interface with any datacenter service
  • Provide cloud developers and users with choice of cloud and system interfaces, from open cloud to de-facto standards, to support the creation of a rich ecosystem of higher level components
  • Assure the stability and quality of the software distribution
  • Collaborate with the most demanding users of cloud and data center management tools
  • Spread awareness of the Project
  • Support the ecosystem of open-source components being created around the Project
  • Support the community of users and developers contributing to the Project
  • Collaborate with other open-source projects and communities
  • Collaborate with the main research projects in cloud computing innovation


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