OrSiSo (Organize, Simplify, Socialize)

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Manage your presence across different social networks.


OrSiSo (Organize, Simplify, Socialize)

Orsiso stands for Organize, Simplify and Socialize, which is exactly what we intend to help you achieve with your social life on the net.


Update your status across multiple networks from one location

You can choose different status updates for different networks, to give you complete control of your online persona
Interact with your friends on their respective social networks, send chats, make comments on their updates and photos directly from one app.


Connect to your Friends

Access your friends on multiple networks; we currently support Facebook, Flickr and Twitter with RSS updates from LinkedIn.

Chat with your MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger contacts from one place.
Merge your friends’ identities on various networks into one unique contact card, rather than having to remember what their nicknames are and what networks they belong to.

Personalize : Display the contact information you want to display from each network.
Organize your friends, assign different levels of closeness from Inner Circle to Outer Circle so you prioritize the numerous contact cards from multiple networks.


Display Photos from several networks in one place

Display all your friends’ photo albums in one place using the FriendWall™.
Start a Slideshow of the photos from your networks, directly on your PC!
Easily post comments and updates on your friend’s profiles


Control your Friend Feed

Receive instant notifications from your friends and reply in real time to them directly, regardless of the network they are on.
Manage the levels of notifications you receive from different networks, with the ability to filter and block information you receive from your network of friends.
Control the updates using our Social Firewall™, so you can only receive alerts containing the information you want to see.


Easy install and upgrade to the latest releases

Runs on any platform: PC, Mac or Linux.
Automatically update to the latest version, ensuring you always have the latest functionality at your fingertips.


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