A Global IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and managed services company.



Ospero is a Global Cloud Service Provider with headquarters in London. We specialize in computing, storage and cloud orchestration platform services. In the heart of everything we do is our 6Pillars Methodology that underpins every single cloud technology platform that we provide to our customers. Ospero partners with best of breed vendors to deliver enterprise class hybrid, private and public cloud services in over 100 data centres , spanning across 5 continents.


Our New StaaS (Storage-as-a-Service) offering ,under the vStorage solution, in partnership with EMC, enables self-service, enterprise-class cloud storage delivery platform that accelerates time-to-value for private companies and service providers building private, hybrid, or public clouds.


The Seamless integration and management of any public, private or hybrid cloud through a single pane of glass is the Ospero.vPlatform, with connectors to AWS, Rackspace, Fujitsu, GoGrid, Savvis – simply our Cloud, your Cloud, their Cloud, any Cloud! Not only manage your disparate cloud provides but seamlessly integrate them into your agile development process to deliver projects in a much shorter time frame.


Within our offering we have built one of the largest, single vendor (VCE/VBlocks) clouds in the world – Ospero.vGrid, with over 100 data centres, spanning across EMEA, NA, and APAC.


Ospero’s distribution as a service (vDaaS) goal is to help SaaS vendors rollout global instances without the worry of legal data residency compliance, latency issues and privacy headaches. The pay as you grow model enables hosting costs to be directly related to revenue goals within a regio


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