• Markitty Marketing Solutions

    Markitty Marketing Solutions

    Markitty provised daily recommendations and insights for YOUR online marketing. Markitty interprets your marketing data into easy actions that you can take to improve your online marketing. No need to spend time poring over complicated tables and graphs: just log in every morning and know what to do today.

  • Waterworks by LMS

    Waterworks by LMS

    Waterworks by LMS is an easy and affordable solution to your utility billing needs. Simple and streamlined data entry, durable meter/tap records, unlimited space for notes on customers, and meters; reports that will satisfy your auditor.

  • Visual Utility Billing

    Visual Utility Billing

    Visual Utility Billing is a comprehensive billing, customer service and payment processing system for public and private utilities, as well as municipal tax and license offices.

  • Miracle Service Management

    Miracle Service Management

    Miracle Service Management is a complete service management suite - it automates every aspect of your business, syncs your office and field techs and makes managing your business so much easier.

  • RevX Systems

    RevX Systems

    RevX SYSTEMS provides real-time rating, billing, customer care, and integration technologies for the enterprise and service provider markets. Our technology is designed to address the entire service delivery lifecycle with unprecedented flexibility.

  • Vizioncore by Unique Digital Inc.

    Vizioncore by Unique Digital Inc.

    With a comprehensive set of solutions that automate complex processes and address IT challenges of P2V/V2V conversions, disaster recovery, storage optimization, process automation and provisioning, and performance monitoring and chargeback, Vizioncore helps organizations leverage virtualization to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiencies in their IT systems.

  • Moderro Management System

    Moderro Management System

    Moderro Management Service (MMS) is a hosted solution allowing configuration, control, and support of Moderro end-points. Unlike traditional management servers, there’s nothing to install on premises, and no software to upgrade*

  • eG Enterprise Suite by eG Innovations

    eG Enterprise Suite by eG Innovations

    eG Innovations performance management & monitoring solutions simplify and accelerate discovery, diagnosis and resolution of performance problems in virtual environments.

  • TechLive


    TechLive is a virtual workplace that fully supports the notion of DevOps, the adoption of roles, tools, and processes that improve collaboration between developers and IT operations.

  • CopperEgg


    CopperEgg next-generation cloud monitoring provides unified, simple, smart, and fast insight into the response time, health, availability, and uptime of servers, websites, web applications, database servers, web servers, and any custom metrics

  • Team Password Manager

    Team Password Manager

    Team Password Manager is a multiuser password management system. It is designed for managing passwords that need to be shared between more than one person: the members of your team, your clients, your partners, or anyone that needs it.

  • BigMachines Selling Platform

    BigMachines Selling Platform

    BigMachines™, our flagship product, provides a flexible, scalable, enterprise-ready CPQ solution ideal for large companies looking to optimize complex selling processes.