• LawRD


    LawRD's robust reporting capabilities will allow you to get, and keep, control of your law firm's critical variables and enable lawyers to measure their Return On Investment.

  • LashBack


    Only LashBack has the tools you need as an advertiser to see how your partners are operating, what their affiliates are sending and the exact messages the final recipient receives.

  • Kivox


    AGNITIO offers all security developers the KIVOX Mobile SDK and KIVOX App to enable simple and secure voice authentication in mobile devices.

  • Kinamik Secure Audit Vault

    Kinamik Secure Audit Vault

    The Kinamik Secure Audit Vault collects and preserves data from various sources including applications, identity and access management implementations, web services, databases, servers and networked devices, applying an “integrity seal” at a user-configurable level of granularity

  • Kaseya Desktop Policy Managment

    Kaseya Desktop Policy Managment

    Kaseya’s Desktop Policy Management gives IT Administrators the ability to automate the enforcement of desktop policy settings. Rolling out new desktop policy items across highly complex and distributed environments, such as large enterprises, roaming, home workers or IT Service Providers.

  • JumpBox for Zenoss IT Management

    JumpBox for Zenoss IT Management

    Zenoss' powerful Configuration Management Database (CMDB) allows you to monitor almost any network device and displays this information to you intelligently so that you can take action. Zenoss is a tightly integrated toolset with an open source design that gives you flexibility.

  • JumpBox for the OpenVPN Networking Platform

    JumpBox for the OpenVPN Networking Platform

    The JumpBox for OpenVPN is an Open Source solution for creating a virtual private network. It uses an SSL-based design and has a lightweight approach that favors simplicity. Anyone can take advantage of this networking platform and create simple, remote access solutions.

  • JumpBox for the OpenLDAP Directory Server

    JumpBox for the OpenLDAP Directory Server

    The JumpBox for OpenLDAP will help get you started doing centralized LDAP-based authentication, centralized contact sharing and provide other directory services.

  • JEP(S) by Proxmea

    JEP(S) by Proxmea

    JEP(S) brings the control over your mail system back to you with a combination of proven technologies and new thinking.

  • ITRP


    ITRP is a full-featured IT service management solution for the support of the core ITIL processes like Incident, Change, Configuration, Service Catalog and Service Level Management.

  • IronStratus


    IronStratus is all about removing complexity by combining the convenience and ease-of-use of the cloud, with the functionality and security you expect from an identity and access management tool.

  • Iovation


    The world’s leading businesses use iovation billions of times a year – whenever and where ever they need to make critical decisions, including account enrollment, purchase, deposit, withdrawal, account change, logins and other high-risk interactions. There is no other service available with the breadth of device-based consumer intelligence that iovation offers.