Complete server monitoring and outage management services.



Panopta server monitoring and outage management services  for enterprise and small and medium businesses, couples cutting-edge technology with superior customer service, providing customers with a monitoring experience that helps streamline their operations and increase profitability.


What makes Panopta different? We’ve boiled it down to three simple and unique areas that separate us from the rest of the market. 


#1. Deep and Wide Monitoring


Modern websites and online applications involve lots of complex pieces that all need to work together.  With all these moving parts, you need to do more than just ping your servers every 30 minutes to make sure everything is working properly. Not to mention, you need to check all of the components of your site, whether they are publicly exposed web and email servers or the back-end database and application servers that sit securely behind your firewalls.


You also want to ensure that you have visibility into the resources used on all of these servers, so you can take action before they reach a critical point that your visitors will notice, as well as to give you additional diagnostic information for use in troubleshooting outages.

Panopta takes a multi-pronged approach to give you a complete view of your infrastructure:

  • First, our advanced network service monitoring supports in-depth checks every 60 seconds (many of our competitors only check every 15 minutes, that’s 56 checks you’re missing out on ever hour!) to a wide range of network services from our global monitoring network.
  • The on-server Panopta Monitoring Agent provides information about the resource consumption and local server state for each of your servers.
  • The Panopta Monitoring Appliance sits behind your firewalls to allow for secure monitoring of servers and network services on your internal servers.

All of these come together in our state-of-the-art monitoring control panel which provides a single, consistent interface for configuration and access to status information and reports for your servers, no matter where they are.

#2. No False Alerts Ever.


You trust a monitoring system to alert you when there is a problem as well as to give you peace of mind that when things are radio silent, everything is working properly.  As a result, your monitoring system MUST catch all outages as they occur while at the same time, not giving you false alerts. No one wants to be woken up at 3am for an alert that is bogus and there’s no faster way for a team to become desensitized and start ignoring alerts altogether.

Our incredibly accurate monitoring system performs high-frequency checks (by default once every minute) to ensure that whenever your systems have problems, (and they will, it really is a matter of when and not if there will be problems) we detect them and give you the tools to respond as quickly as possible.


Panopta’s advanced outage confirmation algorithm ensures your server is actually having problems by combining checks from multiple geographic locations before beginning the alerting process.  This ensures you’re only alerted when we’re 100% sure there’s an actual problem. How’s that for accuracy?

#3. Intelligent Alerting.


When a problem is detected in your network infrastructure, you need a system that will ensure that it’s a legitimate problem and at the same time, know that the right people are or will be notified. What good is a solution that only provides a single message to one person that may or may not be able to respond?

Panopta provides customizable notification timelines that give you flexibility in when and how alerts are sent. This gives you the ability to tailor notifications to specific systems so you can alert folks with the appropriate level of urgency based on the criticality of the problem, and avoid alerting unnecessarily on small outages or for non-critical systems. Alerts are escalated to the right people at the right time, so you can rest assured that problems will be fixed as soon as possible.


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