Paper Killer by Visual Vision


Create electronic manuals and hypertext documents in minutes, even if you’re not a technically minded.


Paper Killer by Visual Vision
VisualVision’s Paper Killer is a professional and easy-to-use visual tool specializing in the creation, management, off-line publishing of any type of hyperlinked electronic documentation (hypertext). In other words, it deals well with text-sets (just like the one you are reading), and includes the advantage of multiple links, colored pages, audio, video and much more… All of the most popular formats such as Html, Rtf, WinHelp HLP, HTMLHelp CHM are supported.

With Paper Killer you can quickly and efficiently produce:

– technical manuals, training manuals 
– hypertext, hypermedia
– software user guides, online help systems, Win Help HLP and HTML Help CHM formats;
– specifications, minutes
– personal multimedia CD (with automatic install)
– school, policy, procedure, health and safety manuals and documentation
– rule books, with cross references
– catalogs catalogues
Paper Killer is designed to reduce effort and save you time. You work with a hypertext document that encapsulates a set of pages and images, instead of working with single pages. In the editor you can revise, browse, and search within your whole document. It’s much easier to work with a single file, free from the need to continuously save and load the information. Archiving, updating and keeping your documents in order has never been easier.
PaperKiller’s intuitive quick-start environment requires no more technical skills than a common word processor, but is extremely powerful behind the scenes. The editor supports styles, tables, maps, frame sets, slides, mouse-over changing images, window pop-ups and much more, all visually (WYSIWYG). The innovative WYSIWYLTMvisual interface dramatically speeds up link browsing and management, and allows elaborate frame to frame links without coding. A variety of wizards simplify common tasks: you can even replace images and links throughout your hypertext, in a moment.
To summarize, you can concentrate on the content, and let Paper Killer take care of the rest. You get the results, with little effort.


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