Password Generator 2013


Generate unique random passwords, keycodes, numbers, and usernames


Password Generator 2013

Random Password Generator 2013 is much more than just a password generator – it’s a professional software for generating unique & secure random passwords / keycodes / numbers / serial numbers / usernames / any other short pieces of random “text” (to reflect this fact, the word “password” on this website refers to a wide variety of strings that this product can generate, and not just to passwords per se). Building on over 7 years of experience (previously the product was made by Diplodock), Password Generator 2013 offers the most advanced set of features available in any random code generation application!


These are just a few things you can do with random Password Generator 2013:


  • Generate millions of very complex passwords of any length in seconds
  • Control exactly which characters can appear, how often, and where using customizable logical groups – character groups
  • Enhance password strength even further using character policies: allow/disallow consecutive character abc, allow/disallow consecutive keyboard characters qwerty, allow/disallow repeating characters aaa, allow/disallow duplicate characters AbA
  • Control exactly how many certain characters you want to see in passwords, by specifying min and max values for character groups
  • Use sequential elements in passwords PW01, PW02, PW03… using fully customizable sequences
  • Exclude ambiguous characters 1, I, l, O, 0, o from password
  • Include special characters ~, !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), ,, ., =, +, <, > in the password
  • Generate strong, yet easy to remember pronounceable passwords
  • Generate usernames along with passwords
  • Export and integrate password lists into existing applications
  • State of the art masking password generator with 6 built-in operators, like random length operator, gives you full control and allows you to generate even the most complex masking passwords!
  • Make sure unsecure passwords such as 1234567, or qwerty will NOT appear in the password list by using Common Passwords Filter feature
  • Generate passwords with words, i.e. abcLengtH147
  • Generate serial numbers, pins, codes, and more using masks, i.e. 1AB38-GB7IU-L89R4
  • Tweak letter case in words to create secure, yet easy-to-remember passwords and usernames, i.e. CoMpUtEr
  • Export generated passwords and usernames to database / update database records
  • E-mail new or updated passwords (or usernames) safely and save a lot of time using built-in wizard
  • And much, much more!


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