Pigeonholes for iPad


Content Management and document sync for iPad


Pigeonholes for iPad

Pigeonholes™ is the easiest application for managing content and syncing documents to one or ten thousand iPads without paying cloud storage fees. This file sync app is ideal for corporations, schools, universities, municipal and state governments, law and financial firms, airlines, orchestras, or any organization that deploys iPads as part of its business model.


Pigeonholes gives your administrator total control over all the contentthat’s synced to the field: when it syncs, who receives which files, when content expires, and who can share documents. If your company has iPad users who need remote online or offline access to PDFs, spreadsheets, reports, images and other critical documents, Pigeonholes is for you. Save your organization thousands of dollars by reducing or eliminating your printing costs.


A lot of other content management and syncing apps are little more than redundant cloud storage/backup services. Pigeonholes is not a cloud storage service. As Pigeonholes syncs directly to the field iPads, there are no cloud storage fees or storage limits. Pigeonholes also gives your administrator total control over the distribution, expiration and use of every document. You don’t have to worry about third-party security risks.


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