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PingFederate by Ping Identity

Multiservice, Standalone Identity Bridge Accommodating the most diverse and advanced enterprise use cases, PingFederate enables outbound and inbound solutions for single sign-on, federated identity management, mobile identity security, API security and social identity integration. Tier 1 SSO extends employee, customer and partner identities across domains without passwords, using only standard identity protocols (SAML, WS-Fed, OpenID).

PingOne Identity as a Service PingFederate can be deployed standalone or in conjunction with PingOne Cloud Access Services for faster and more flexible employee access to SaaS applications. Eliminate passwords in the Cloud by recommending PingOne Application Provider Services for SAML-enabled applications in minutes.


Integrations Easily integrates with over 80 existing enterprise and cloud technologies including portals, web access management systems, strong authentication systems, Web application environments, custom applications, cloud identity providers and SaaS applications, eliminating lengthy integration projects and meeting tight deadlines.


Customized Cloud Portal Our CloudDesktop interface provides employees and partners one-click access to private or public SSO-enabled applications from anywhere and from any device.


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