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Planet49, the leading provider of online lead generation, has confirmed that from tomorrow onwards it will be rebranded as eGENTIC. The Frankfurt-based company claims to have consistently generated more than 2.5 million consumer leads per month for more than 1,000 companies in 30 countries last year.The company was founded in 2001 as a free lottery site. Today it has more than 40 million registered users across 30 different countries and says that it is now the leader in lead generation for database marketing in Europe.

The rebranding coincides with the launch of a B2B brand specialising in programming, design and operation of online applications, located in Darmstadt. eGENTIC intends to continue expanding its B2B business with existing subsidiaries in Singapore and Miami and a new subsidiary in Brazil that will be opened next month. Future markets will include Japan and Hong Kong while the company also expects to grow its core business in the 30 countries it already operates in. Marko Reinbacher, General Manager eGENTIC (pictured), commented: “The continuity of new challenges through new national regulations in data and consumer protection as well as seasonal excessive data usage in online marketing led to the consolidation of markets in many countries in 2011. This trend will continue in 2012.”Furthermore, we continue to see a consistent demand for qualified leads. Our business partners range from medium-sized companies with a local focus to international major corporations. A consistent, legally safe generation of qualified leads will remain a growing market. In the long term reliable partners in this field will even benefit from the new regulations. We are convinced that, with eGENTIC, we will be able to expand our market leadership and continue to sustain our optimum presence within the world of lead generation.


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