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PointLoyalty Manager

Point Loyalty provides on terms of SoD (Software-on-Demand) the PointLoyalty Manager system designed to support your loyalty programs and the calculation of bonus points earned by your clients. The software serves for bonuses calculation of any type of business clients, from traditional type shops to social networks support sites. If you have clients – we can calculate bonus points for them.


High costs for development and deployment of specialized management and control systems for proper calculations of bonus points were always a factors which hamper establishment of bonus loyalty programs. Implementing such systems always required significant amount of time and resources. Our company gives free online access to software product for loyalty bonus programs management tunable for any type of business, from online shop to social networks support site.


  • Free of charge – toolkit for construction of your programs with it is unique short time of start of the project.
  • If necessary – support and adaptation of software for your individual requirements.
  • If necessary – consulting services in the field of technologies of construction of programs of loyalty.


The Main purpose of Loyalty :

  • Retention of existing clients achieved by flexible loyalty rewards system.
  • Amplification of goods/services volumes consumed by loyal satisfied clients.
  • Attraction of new clients by recommendations of existing ones.

Working with PointLoyalty Manager application online is free of charge and the application is available for everyone without any restrictions. This condition won’t be changed during the entire company lifetime. The PointLoyalty Manager system is hosted on this web site and it follows SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) principle – you don’t need to install software on your PCs. We also utilize related SoD (Software-on-Demand) principle – you can subscribe for using professional editions on a monthly basis. Don’t pay when you are not using it.


In addition to free base functionality we provide customer support and following set of extensions.

  • Additional support – help on using the application, guaranteed answers to questions related to the product.
  • Customization – application tuning according to your requests, integration with third party software, additional reports.
  • Education – seminars, trainings, introduction courses.
  • Consulting – consulting on all issues relevant to loyalty programs management.


In order to help you to get maximum out-turn from using our software product we provide three levels of custom support – “Free” version, available to all users and two commercial offers: “Professional” and “Corporate” editions.


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